A brief list of some of the largest soccer stadiums in world football

Arenas come in various shapes and sizes, but the 3 described in this short article are a number of the very best.

Stadiums come in all ages, several are over 150 years old whilst others are new. An ideal example of the latter is the brand-new stadium that the Tottenham Hotspur chairman commissioned a couple of years ago. While the sports arena took a little longer than projected, the results have been extensively considered as a success by people in soccer and also those who engage in construction or engineering. It is now positioned second in terms of the largest stadium capacity in English club soccer, which is a vast transformation on the rather normal size of their old ground. Not only is the ground huge, it is also state of the art: with a retractable soccer pitch to reveal an NFL pitch below, cashless transfers only, a 65m long bar and its own microbrewery, the sports arena is more than just a place to view football. Slight touches go a very long way in modern arenas, and the designers knew this, for example by implementing pint glasses that refill from the bottom up, 10,000 pints could be poured a minute within the sports arena, which is an attempt to minimise halftime queueing. The aim of the stadium was not just creating an incredible atmosphere but to assist revive the local area, by supplying jobs but also becoming a central point for the community to rally around.

An important football stadium name in Brazil is the Maracanã, this is the home of the Brazilian national side which of course is about the most well-known teams there is. The arena has been home to a number of the most legendary matches ever performed including world cup finals and some competitive domestic league matches. The football stadium is home to four clubs from Rio De Janeiro, so it is continued use and home to some heatedly contested matches. The Flamengo owner controls a club that has been the most effective of all the teams that reside in the massive stadium. As football is such a tremendous thing in Brazil, it is no surprise that the games at this popular sports arena are commonly sold out, even though it has a vast capacity.

Italy has a number of the best atmospheres in the world at its team football games, this because of the passion of the supporters but likewise because it is home to a number of the largest soccer stadiums. In the north of Italy there is one of the more famous stadiums in Europe, which is home to a pair of teams. The new AC Milan owner will anticipate that his club will be more dominant in the stadium than their city competitors, nevertheless this rivalry is what helps to make this ground so famous. It is not a new soccer stadium, but it is still impressive and imposing for away clubs to play at due to its large stands and electric atmosphere.

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